Ownership and Executive Partners

Felix Acree

Chief Executive Officer – Owning Partner

Born and raised in the oil and gas business, one could say that oil runs through Felix’s veins. Now the CEO of Amac Energy, Mr. Acree has over 31 years of experience working in nearly every facet of the oil and gas industry. His well-rounded, diverse and extensive experience equips him with a unique insight for assessing potential investment opportunities and bringing them to fruition.

Mr. Acree has worked extensively in all the disciplines of engineering as well as in exploration geology, drilling, production, operations, finance, economics and accounting. His long tenure in the industry has allowed him to work for companies world-wide.

From 1985 to 1997, Mr. Acree was employed by Anadarko Petroleum where he held several positions, including staff petroleum engineer in Algiers, Algeria. Later in his career he served as a general manager and exploitation supervisor for Devon Energy where he managed assets in Egypt, Russia, Azerbaijan, China, Indonesia and Argentina.

In the 2000s, he worked as an engineering and planning manager for Endeavour International Corporation and was responsible for all North Sea acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands and Denmark. Mr. Acree also has plenty of experience close to home as he was most recently director of engineering for Branta Exploration Company where he managed drilling and production operations in East Texas, Utah and Louisiana. Through his many professional experiences, Mr. Acree has become well-established and respected in the industry.

Mr. Acree is the backbone of Amac Energy and conducts the day-to-day operations of the business. He approaches each project uniquely, and examines the various aspects that contribute to a project’s health and ultimate success. He runs scenarios and models to evaluate risk and reward of every decision made by the company. One of the most recent successes led by Mr. Acree was the Eagle Ford Oil and Gas acquisition where Amac doubled its investment in an amazing nine months before selling the company.

Marion Hicks

Chief Financial Officer – Owning Partner

Marion Hicks is the Chief Financial Officer of Amac Energy, LLC. He is the business-focused leader and oversees the structure and financials of individual projects and the company as a whole. Mr. Hicks works on short-term successes while keeping his eye on long-term goals, strategies and growth. He is a trusted business advisor for Amac and with over 25 years of business experience he has proven his expertise in the field.

Mr. Hicks has worked in the areas of finance, lending and commercial real estate. He most recently served as a private financial consultant to Mr. McNutt. Prior to working with Mr. McNutt, he was managing director of acquisitions, debt and equities for Vista Property Company in Dallas. At Vista, Mr. Hicks led property acquisition efforts and managed portfolio debt, equity and investor relations until 2008.

Prior to 2008, Mr. Hicks served as a regional director of General Electric’s Capital Markets Division where he successfully managed the south central territory sales force. In 2005, he partnered in a small securitization firm before joining Key Bank Capital Markets as vice president in the central territory.

Mr. Hicks holds a BBA in Real Estate Finance from Southern Methodist University. He is Six Sigma and Lockwood Leadership Certified.

Bob McNutt

Managing Director – Owning Partner

Bob McNutt is director of Amac Energy and plays an advisory role in the company’s operations. Having been involved in numerous successful business ventures, Mr. McNutt is well-positioned to consult on the company’s financials, investor relations and plans for strategic growth.

Mr. McNutt also serves as president of world-renowned Collin Street Bakery, a McNutt family business. He says he is just as passionate about the oil and gas business as he is about the fruitcake business.